Bali Yoga Rejuvenation & Healing Retreat

02:00 pm - 21 June 2019

@ Ubud, Bali Island

Jln Sri Wedari

21 June - 27 June 2019. 7 days/6 nights.

A beautiful yoga, meditation and healing retreat with a focus on restoring and rejuvenating physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, vital life force and creative energy. Program includes daily rejuvenative yoga and meditation; masterclasses to learn the yogic techniques which heal and rebalance; bathing in volcanic springs and sacred waterfalls; chakra healing meditation at the Mother Temple; traditional water blessing ceremony with a Balinese high priestess. Our venue is a gorgeous, tranquil retreat centre in Ubud.

The Yoga Rejuvenation and Healing Retreat is a carefully designed program and opportunity to delve beneath the surface of the usual yoga retreat experience in Bali. You'll be guided by yoga teachers with decades of teaching and facilitation experience. We immerse ourselves in the deeply spiritual traditions and rituals of the Balinese people and attune to the healing potential of the sacred waters and this incredible land.

Facilitated by Robert and Mandy of Kookaburra Yoga, the retreat program has a generous balance of yoga, meditation, relaxation, breathwork as well as a healing ceremony with Bali's youngest high priestess, a healing chakra meditation at the sacred Besakih Mother Temple, bathing in the volcanic waters of Mt Batur and under a sacred waterfall and secret grotto under green cliffs.

​Our venue is a gorgeous private retreat centre with both an outdoor and indoor, air-conditioned yoga room and wonderful spaces including a private open air dining hall, meditation cave, luxurious pool, air conditioned bedrooms, within a traditional regal compound. Located in the heart of Ubud, the venue is walking distance to wonderful cafes, healing centres, the palace, river, shops and craft markets.

This is a profound opportunity to honour and savour your precious life as you reflect, reclaim your energy, and rediscover your purpose! The full program and booking information is below...

Bali's spiritual and healing traditions honour, revere and incorporate the cleansing, renewing and healing properties of water and include many rites, sacred ceremonies and focussed healing in the water temples, palaces and also stunning natural rivers and waterfalls.

During this retreat we visit some of the most sacred waters of Bali in thermal springs, a water cave and waterfall. We also visit Bali's youngest high priestess Ida Resi who will perform the 'Melukat', a traditional water purification ceremony for each guest.

• Gorgeous, quiet and peaceful retreat venue in the heart of Ubud
• Comfortable air-conditioned bedrooms
• 2 beautiful yoga spaces. One air-conditioned and one open-air.
• 6 nights stay in Twin Share Room ​(if you are coming alone, we'll match you with another participant)
• Single rooms available ($500 surcharge)
• Daily breakfast
• Morning Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama (3 hours)
• 3 x mid-morning sessions which include satsangs and masterclasses where you'll learn powerful yogic techniques and gain insights to cleanse, renew and heal - to emerge ready and inspired for the year ahead (2.5 hours)
• 3 afternoons free for relaxation, bodywork, outings
• Sunset yoga, meditation, pranayama (2 hours)
• Celebration dinner (last night)
• Day trip to Besakih Mother temple at Mt Agung for a chakra healing meditation. Bathe in healing volcanic springs at Lake Batur (approx 6 hours)
• Day trip to visit high priestess and healer Ida Resi for a 'Melukat' (water purification ceremony); we also go to the incredibly beautiful Tukad Cepung Waterfall and a secret meditation grotto within spectacular green cliffs at Undisan (approx 6 hours)
• Free wifi
• Airport transfer to retreat centre​ on arrival

Our accommodation is a gorgeous, tranquil compound set in landscaped gardens by a flowing river with its own private retreat centre, 3 yoga rooms, pool, restaurant and spa - right in the heart of Ubud. This is a small venue with 8 twin-share rooms for up to 16 retreat participants. Single rooms available for a surcharge of $500.

Mandy and Robert own and direct the Kookaburra Creek Yoga Centre in Australia, where they offer a full program of yoga classes, courses, retreats and yoga intensives to the local community and to visitors from around the globe. Together they design and facilitate Kookaburra Yoga's international retreat program in profoundly spiritual destinations.

Mandy has decades of experience teaching the subtle, powerful and transformational methods of yoga. Her knowledge and insights have been inspired through devotion, consistent practice, continuing education and immersion in yoga with her own mentors in India, Ayurveda, the arts, and integration of yogic values and concepts into everyday family and professional life. Mandy is known for kindness and making traditional, spiritual yoga practical, relevant and accessible.

Robert has taught yoga and inspired many students over almost 4 decades here in Australia, and also India, Africa and Europe. Robert is a highly regarded, yet humble teacher, his yoga is deeply spiritual and real and he is committed to sharing and passing forward the insights and knowledge he has acquired. Robert has a Masters in Psychiatric Social Work, having worked in the field for many years, and is a professional and skilful group facilitator and spiritual guide.

COST $1500 twin share OR $2000 single room.

Everything you need to know about this retreat including full itinerary, cost and booking infomation is on our comprehensive website:

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