Insight Workshop Retreat by Michal Pasterski

02:00 pm - 02 March 2019

@ Gaia Retreat Center

Jl. Sri Wedari No. 5 Tegallantang
Ubud     80571

The Insight 9 Day Retreat is The Road to Mental Maturity.

Michał Pasterski is the founder of Life Architect, Planets and the Conscious Education Foundation. On a daily basis, he works as a coach and personal development coach.

Sandra Lasek is a psychologist and a coach, as well as a certified staff management specialist with a substantial work experience in this field. She graduated from York University in Canada and Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

The aim of this retreat is to get to know oneself in-depth, free yourself from the self-destructive habits of your mind and achieve a state of mental maturity by understanding and thoroughly practicing the techniques included in the Insight method. I also talk about how we can get rid of self-destructive mental habits by replacing them with emotional maturity and mental freedom.

During these 9 days you will practice the techniques of the Insight method described in the book by Michael Pasterski, learning how to make use of them on our own. We will also pick up new techniques (not described in the book) and explore various approaches to self-development.

These include:

Zen Coaching,
Gestalt therapy,
transpersonal coaching,
cognitive-behavioral therapy
zen meditation.
You choose the issues and goals you will work on during the workshop. The workshop is designed so that each participant can focus on what is most important to him/her.


Retreat Program

Moduł 1: Self-awareness and introspection
Using the Circle of Life and Wheel of Personality methods, you will analyse the current state of affairs and identify areas of your life that require most attention:
You will discover and understand the obstacles that stand in the way to a happy and deeply fulfilling life.
You will make a complete list of problems, obstacles you want to address and goals you want to achieve in the near future. You will be able to control any mental chaos and learn to calm your mind.
You will stop struggling with your problems and begin to explore, understand, and accept them.
You will learn to turn your attention inward so that you have a direct connection to your inner world.
You will learn the basics of meditation and experience different approaches to meditation practice.

Moduł 2: The world of emotions
You will explore the world of your emotions and learn how to handle the negative ones (stress, anger, frustration, regret, guilt).
You will discover what motivation really is and learn how to build your life with a natural motivation always on your side.
You will learn to express and release your emotions in a genuine, uninhibited and straightforward way.

Moduł 3: Change of thinking
You will understand the nature of personal beliefs and how they behave and learn to change the most destructive ones into those that give support; You will discover your most detrimental thinking habits and you will be able to set yourself free from them.
You will learn how to communicate better with your subconscious and how to recognize the voice of intuition.
You will learn how to free yourself from the idealized self-image and build healthy self-esteem.

Moduł 4: Inner understanding
You will discover and understand your most important subpersonalities and get in touch with them.
You will learn how to communicate with yourself and develop a conscious dialogue with the subconscious parts of yourself;
You will Improve your relationship with yourself and strengthen your self-esteem.

Moduł 5: Thinking with questions
You will grasp the most important coaching models and find out how to use them to achieve goals that are most important for you.
You will learn to ask yourself the right questions in the right way so that you can freely access the resources hidden in your unconscious.
You will know how to discover key questions that catalyze breakthroughs and stimulate key decisions.
You will recognize your natural talents and learn how to develop them.

Moduł 6: Encounters with yourself
You will learn the methods of personal development management and ways to keep track of your progress.
You will practice ways to build your habits so that your self-work will become an integral part of your everyday life.
You will lay out your personal path of balanced personal development.

What is included in your investment:

2 coaches.
All the workshops are run by Michal and Sandra simultaneously. Both of them present the workshop material and, what’s more, constantly complement each other with knowledge and a different perspective on each subject, which guarantees a distinctively individual approach.

Unique group process.
The workshop model is based on the group coaching method with elements of individual coaching - each participant will have the opportunity to have a short one-to-one coaching session with one of the coaches.
Focus on practice. During the workshop we will convey the knowledge essence without beating around the bush. 80% of the training is about practicing many carefully selected techniques and methods of self-work.

Coaching Game.
Points Of You is a game, in which you can turn off your rational thinking and open up to what intuition tells you. Using this group coaching tool will be a completely new and exciting stimulus for you to look at yourself from a different perspective.
Active participation. Interactions and discussions between participants are an integral part of the workshop - the members of the workshop group can share their experiences and realizations at all times.

Morning ritual.
In order to prepare your body and mind for a fruitful day, full of experiences, we will start every day with a short morning session of yoga and meditation.

Healthy relaxation.
It is a key element of the incubation process, which allows our unconscious to “digest” personal discoveries and new experiences stimulated during the workshop. We offer daily 1.5hr invigorating yoga and yoga nidra, walking on rice terraces, and Indonesian massage with relaxing music.

Flexible daily schedule.
The workshop schedule is always flexible so that we can respond every step of the way to the needs of the group. So, no worries. While in Bali you will have the opportunity not only to get to know yourself but also this fascinating island.

We know from our experience of many years in organizing this type of workshops that this form of group work gives highly sustainable results.

Villa Gaia (8 nights / 9 days = 7 full days of workshop + day of accommodation and check-out day)

Full board
3 healthy meals a day. Coffee, tea, lemonade, water and snacks during the workshops, including traditional Balinese sweets and desserts

Airport Transfers both ways

One Balinese massage at Karsa Spa

Sound therapy with Tibetan Gongs at Pyramids of Chi

Group insurance


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