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Cell Salt Health Solutions

Are you struggling with health and emotional concerns and want to treat the cause? Cell Salt Therapies link illness, and health problems to cell salts that comprise a cell. The 12 mineral Cell Salts have a vital effect on the condition of the body. Creams used externally compliment mineral taken internally for faster results on some ailments.

Although a balanced healthy diet cannot be underestimated, factors such as stress, preservatives, drugs and 'illness' may leave our cells depleted. Dr Schuessler's research supports that depleted cells may not be able to absorb the necessary minerals in the blood stream and that low doses of refined natural minerals are most easily absorbed to correct the functioning of the cell.

We supply original Dr. Schuessler Salts that are manufactured by Deutche Homoopatie-Union (DHU) in Karlsruhe, Germany. DHU supplies homeopathic remedies across the world. DHU relies on more than 100 years of experience and expertise in the manufacturing of Dr Schuessler salts. With the Dr Schuessler salts manufactured by DHU you can rest assured that you are getting a genuine product of an outstanding quality. Each brown glass bottle contains 200 tablets and a leaflet inside.

Caution: Whilst cell salts compliment mainstream medications and support the cells absorption, caution needs to be exercised following any surgery with implants - such as taking silica which acts to reject any foreign body.

Schuessler Cell Salts (200 tablets) $18.90 plus postage
Schuessler Creams $20.90 (see website for postage rates and secure payment via paypal)

#1 Calcium flouratum > Elasticity
#2 Calcium phosphoricum > Bones/Teeth
#3 Ferrum phosphoricum > First assistance
#4 Kalium chloratum > Mucous membranes
#5 Kalium phosphoricum > Nerves/mind
#6 Kalium sulfuricum > Chronic inflammation
#7 Magnesium phosphoricum > Cramps and pains
#8 Natrium chloratum > Fluid balance
#9 Natrium phosphoricum > Acid-base balance
#10 Natrium sulfuricum > Excretion
#11 Silicea > Hair/nails/skin
#12 Calcium sulfuricum > Cleansing processes

Cell Salt Cream/Ointment
#1 Calcium flouride >for firmness and elasticity
#2 Calcium phosphate > for ligaments and bones
#3 Ferrum phosphate > for lacerations
#4 Kalium chloride > for skin irritations
#5 Kalium phospate > for strengthening of muscles and nerves
#6 Kalium sulphate > for chronic afflictions
#7 Magnesium phosphate > for cramps and pains
#8 Natrium chloride > for regulation of skin moisture
#9 Natrium phosphate > for oily skin
#10 Natrium sulphate > for dehydration
#11 Silica > for beautiful skin and healthy joints
#12 Calcium sulphate > for ulcerous inflammations

Cell Salts $19.90 per bottle (200 Tablets)
Creams $20.90 (75gms)

Kerry Dalwood is a Registered Practitioner of Cell Salt Therapy and Registered Psychologist and Director of Kid Psykology Australia.

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