Tree of Life - Health Kinesiology with Siobhan Robertson-Skinner

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Tree of Life - Health Kinesiology with Siobhan Robertson-Skinner

Born in London and growing up opposite the famous Epping Forest, I have always had a deep appreciation and connection with nature and magic. This drew me to an interest in natural medicine, health and wellbeing by the time I reached my teenage years.

I spent seventeen years training as an elite athlete in the sport of Judo, which allowed me to travel the world, meeting new people and learning new truths about life and working on my personal development. Over the years, I have acquired the skills to empower and inspire myself and others around me effectively.

I was introduced to Health Kinesiology in 2004 when I joined a running club in Hyde Park, where a woman I met shared with me how she had completely cured her allergies through the practice of Health Kinesiology. I was inspired to learn more about it.

Within the first two hours of being in the Health Kinesiology training course I realised that this was the life path I wanted to follow. I appreciated how Health Kinesiology could be used for all age groups, including pregnant women (to balance the unborn baby) and even animals. I thought that the amount of people I could help with such a powerful technique would be endless. Since then, there has been no turning back for me.

I am now a dedicated and passionate practitioner who has created a safe, relaxing and supportive environment for my clients. I get great pleasure in making such a huge difference to people and practising what I believe to be “the greatest kept secret.”

Studying and practising alternative therapies is central to my life. I have experienced many wonderful emotional and physiological changes in myself and see the same changes in my clients. I love to learn and grow spiritually and I'm also passionate about making a difference to the health and wellbeing of others.

Health Kinesiology is the most amazing form of healing I have encountered. With this therapy, you are forced to take into consideration who you are and what the best developmental way forward is on an emotional, spiritual and psychological level.

Health Kinesiology (HK)

Will help you to:

* Overcome fears, phobias and worries
* Increase self-confidence
* Enhance sporting and muscular abilities
* Become more focused
* Reach your full potential
* Improve relationships
* Become calmer and more positive
* Improve intellectual functioning

HK is a holistic therapy that uses muscle testing to identify and locate blocks within your energy system. These blocks prevent us from reaching our full potential physically and mentally and stop us from moving forwards on our chosen path in life.

With each decision in our day, the choices we make move us onto our next step in life, but due to everyday stress, illness, shocks (minor or major) our body often forgets to file away our everyday experiences correctly. Consequently, the next time we come across a similar experience our body harps back what happened last time and can either build upon a good experience or repeat a bad patterning!

This sounds very simple and in truth it is that simple - this is why we sometimes don’t have the answers for why we feel down, out of balance or just unmotivated.

The body does not have imbalances without reason. We need to discover the root causes and not just take substances which only mask the symptoms. Imbalances are an indication that the body is under stress or something is not as it should be.

Health Kinesiology works on a deep cellular and subconscious level, revealing the sabotaging and negative patterns that do not benefit us in life.

My clients are amazed at what they have learned about themselves and how they can move forward in their lives.

Health Kinesiology can help you develop a clearer path in life, give you a general sense of overall wellbeing and increased energy. In fact, the possibilities are endless!

I stand at a crossroad helping people to make choices about which road to take. I often combine Health Kinesiology with Chakra Healing, Reiki, Affirmations and personal Goal Setting to make an even more powerful outcome.

What Happens in a Session?

Each person is an individual and the one thing I love about HK is that this allows me to acknowledge this! In the initial consultation a case history is established which allows me to learn more about you. You are then asked to lie on a therapy couch, fully-clothed and shown what muscle testing entails.

From here on in the session is tailor-made for you personally. Through careful questioning and monitoring of muscle responses I identify work required in order to help you regain balance. This may take the form of a word, expression or sentence that you may need to think or feel. This could involve placing a magnet or essence on you, smelling an essential oil, or placing your hands over sites of bodily discomfort whilst reflex points are held.

Full explanations are given throughout the session, where there is plenty of time to ask questions. Occasionally homework is given which might be to have rest at a specific time of day, to say an affirmation, or to increase activities that are fun. The idea is that nothing should stress you - and that includes the session!

No two sessions are the same - in a single session a therapist may identify allergies or chemical imbalances, release psychological or emotional stress or may give advice on changes in lifestyle, as well as offering an effective therapy that could address your physical ailments.

For further information or to book an appointment, please contact Siobhan Skinner on 0407 178 659.


• Professional Health Kinesiology Practitioner
• Touch for Health Kinesiology (Level 1 & 2)
• Emmote Practitioner
• Dealing with Intrusive Energies
• Clearing Geopathic Stress & Electro Magnetic Fields
• Usui / Seichem Reiki Master
• Distance Healing
• Crystal Healing
• House Clearings
• Chakra Clearing
• Life Coaching
• Anatomy & Physiology
• Certificate IV Health & Fitness

Health Kinesiology practitioner Siobhan Skinner, is available for appointments from her practice in Joondalup, to help you improve your health & wellbeing.

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