Distant Healer & Spiritual Cleansing Specialist Brandy Lee Beaver

35 Surrey Road
Rivervale WA  6103

Phone: 0451216427

Distant Healer & Spiritual Cleansing Specialist Brandy Lee Beaver

Brandy is a qualified intuitive and spiritual healer who gives accurate readings on the body and energies in order to heal her clients. She is a professionally certified consultant who combines her natural abilities and intuition to offer guidance and healing to all of her clients, allowing them to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead of them with renewed strength and perspective.

Brandy is Based in Bali, Indonesia and treats people locally and around the world through face to face session and distantly via skype and email.
Brandy will work with you in a personalized manner by healing and focusing on what you most need in order to move forward to a happier, healthier more balanced way of being.


"Brandy has changed my life and improve my quality as a human being. I feel like a much better person now and find clarity in every sessions with her. I can now move on with all my past issues and see the future as a wonderful journey. All those traumas, wrong beliefs and negative energy that has blocked my soul has finally been fixed one by one. I love my "Brandy time" !! Thank you so much for what you have done for me! I truly appreciate and am grateful that we have crossed paths in this life."
A.I- Surabaya, Indonesia

Thank you so much for the awesome energy work you have done with me. You were able to rid me of the Black Magic attacks! Most healers don’t have a clue how to do this and are very afraid of it. My life is much improved since we started. Thanks for the energetic shifts that you helped me with too. I highly recommend you as a very skilled healer and very lovely person! Thanks again!
Theresa S.- Virginia (Thetahealer and Teacher)

"I started seeing Brandy over three years ago and my circumstances have completely turned around in all areas of my life. I have recommended her to many of my friends and they have all had similar experiences. For me its been the quickest way to let go of old belief systems and inherited beliefs that are no longer useful so I can have more of what I actually want. Brandy has also helped me understand why I kept attracting similar experiences in finance and relationships and also shown me techniques on how to protect myself from toxic people and situations. Even if you're not usually into alternative therapies I guarantee you will love Brandy, she's not your typical Bali healer. She is real and honest and she is extremely intuitive and I don't even need to tell her what I want to work on anymore she knows before I even arrive for my session. Brandy is the best healer I've worked with by a mile and I can't recommend her enough."
Jaime, 26, Bali.

Hello my name Niluh i'm Balinese . I been have a very bad experience on bad energy (black magic put on me) all seems to be going completely wrong. I been to traditional balinese healer (Balian) but not getting better. Until I meet brandy I am not get better. My experience with Brandy after my healing is amazing and all getting better. I remember come to her with desperate situation and big stress and my neck is very painful and my body not balance. After my healing with Brandy from that moment that day all better. Pain is gone Plus I am more confident on my self and other people around me as before is not at all confident. Thanks a lot Brandy i'm looking forward for my next healing.
Niluh- Bali

"Brandy is such a warm, lovely person, I will be going to see her again as I have not felt this good in years!!"
Katherine H- Perth WA

"This healing treatment was one of the best. Brandy has done more for me than all the physio and chiro visits put together!"
D. Millar- Perth WA

"I have been living in Bali for over 12 years. Before I met Brandy I was in a very depressed state for years. It seemed like my dream life in Bali had turned into a nightmare. Over the years I experienced problem after problem. Bad business dealings with the wrong people, threats of theft and extortion, threats of violence, threats of black magic and curses just to name a few problems. I am a good person but I seemed to be a magnet for bad things. I was losing my will to live. In My quest to find help I tried hypnotherapy, counseling, shamans, other Thetahealers, tarot card readers, Balinese priests, Balinese cleansings, and different healers from all around the world. Sure I would feel ok for a little while, but that was it.
My first session with Brandy was amazing. She explained we would start from the beginning to clear and cleanse totally. She asked me a few questions about myself and got started. Brandy immediately picked up that someone had in fact put some very strong black magic on me to make me confused, stuck, unhappy and to lose my will to live. She told me she would take it off and put a strong protection around me. After the session I felt very light headed, spaced out and very tired. Brandy assured me that it was normal as we had done some very big clearing and that I would be ok in a day or so once I had integrated the cleansing, healing and new positive energies.
After a few days I felt much better. I felt light and more hopeful. I could tell there had been something lifted. I was more patient and accepting of my present situation and felt much more at ease and calm. I have recommended other people to see Brandy and all of them have felt much better after their session with her. Brandy is the real deal. She has an awesome gift from God and uses it to help take off any Black Magic and curses. I am so grateful to know Brandy and to receive her help and know she is there to help me if needed. Thank you Brandy for all your help with me and my family. Brandy is a curse buster. If you are cursed go see Brandy!"
P. - Bali

"I got to know Brandy when I went to Bali , for my ThetaHealing courses in June 2011. The courses were so much more than I expected and my life changed forever after them.
ThetaHealing is an amazing energy healing technique that can be learnt by anyone regardless of age, education, background or profession. Brandy is a very friendly and supportive teacher and teaches with clarity and in a manner that one is able to understand immediately. Each of us in class interacted with Brandy on a one to one level and enjoyed learning.
And of course not to forget the yummy food she fed us
Thanks Brandy. Look forward to doing another course with you.
Anita - India

"I recently asked Brandy to help me “clear” a new holiday house that I have built . There had been a lot trouble and unpleasant happenings between the builders and the contractor whilst the house was being built and the energy of the whole place was not good at all. I was also having problems with the garden , as the plants kept dying. I was also not getting many rentals, business was not going well for me at all.
I told Brandy nothing of these problems and it was far from obvious as the house was brand new and had been built on a previously empty piece of land . Brandy did a distant session as the house was on another Island. She immediately picked up on all the negative energies I was feeling there and was able to clear it all away!
Since brandy worked her magic, the entire atmosphere in the house has changed! Just to be there gives you a warm feeling inside, its just so relaxing and you don’t ever want to leave! The garden is flourishing and I received so many rental bookings just days after Brandy started, I am now turning people away business is that good!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandy is simply amazing and she can make that miracle happen…. Believe me!”
Maria - UK

"I was introduced to Brandy's Healing about 18 months ago in 2007. I was curious, but also very skeptical because I had never worked with a healer before. I had some beliefs and feelings that were blocking me, so I was open to working with Brandy. Little did I know that this practice would have such a profound effect on my life. During my first session with Brandy, I had an amazing release where all the tension and negative emotions I had been holding on to literally released and I felt an opening. I also felt lighter and generally more open. I felt an internal shift just by sitting with her, opening up and having her feel and heal my energy. I felt my beliefs around certain things shift and melt away. I especially felt it the day after our session and noticed how open and joyful I felt. I have had about 5 more sessions with Brandy and we have worked on everything from DNA activation, Chakra Alignment to Changing beliefs. I feel so strongly about Brandy's work and abilities that I have continued to refer clients to her. Everyone that I know that has experienced a Healing with Brandy has been amazed by how it works and have gone back to see her and continue to work with her. Brandys healing has also allowed me to be more centered and trusting of myself. I do not go to Brandy to fix me or tell me what I need to do, but I work with her to be more aligned with my "highest and best", as she puts it. I am so grateful to have found this life changing healing and continue to work with Brandy with the hopes of remaining open and living a more abundant life.
Becky - USA

"I met Brandy Beaver about ten years ago and I remember our first conversation very clearly. It was like talking to an old friend. I felt like I could say anything to her and not be judged.It's continued to stay like that over the years. I've worked as a cranio sacral therapist for 7 years and knowing how powerful healing sessions can be, I'm quite picky about who i let work on me, I think what makes Brandy so good at what she does is her rawness,her passion and intuition, her dedication to others and her ability to not take life too seriously.She's a gifted healer and a beautiful person, and her sessions are life changing."
Kari, Canada

Brandy Beaver is an experienced Intuitive Healer, Teacher & Spiritual Cleansing Specialist. Brandy offers healing worldwide via skype/email and in person.

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