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Always Strive for Wholeness in life.

You benefit from a balanced life. It’s that simple. Your life is stressful – whether in the workplace, juggling family and personal commitments, or other obligations.

At Shapechanger, we are shaping and changing people’s lives daily through workshops, events and keynote speaking engagements, business programs, holistic training and education for becoming “Fit for Living, Well for Life.”

Shapechanger offers consulting to you via:

1. Shapechanger Business.
“Forget business as usual.”

What happened to the time when annual leave or sick leave meant exactly that? How many of you are still available to clients, the office, your boss even when you’re on holiday, your honeymoon, out for dinner with family, friends or a loved one or when recovering from illness. Opt out of these and many more intrusive, and frankly, “us created” business expectations.

Opt in to real, manageable, respectful ways to get the most from yourself, employees and team members in your business.

Could you find a way to combine the efficiency and luxury of technology and yet commit to finding more meaningful ways to engage socially, personally and professionally?

People are choosing to opt in to new ways of reducing their tension, stress, pressures in work life and to bring self - control and original thought processes and behaviours back in vogue. Who would have thought it?

With Shapechanger, learn potentially new, manageable and meaningful ways to conduct your business with less stress. Less stress for you, your colleagues and your family. Have you ever thought that to reduce pressure and stress in your work life is to practice the new idea of “opting out, to really opt in to your work situation?” The new business trend is to strive to opt out of unrealistic business expectations forced on us and to “opt in” to a better, inclusive style of managing your business.

The new “opt in” mind set for business is to reduce time related work pressures and the bombardment of technology. To change the current business mentality that tasks, responses to clients, management and customers has to be right now - immediate. Opting out of this instant business gratification merry go round, and to opt in to more manageable ways of conducting yourself in business is the new business challenge and strategy.

Business as usual doesn’t have to apply to you or your business. How valuable is it to you, to unlock the steps to a stress free work life?

2. At Shapechanger, we are shaping and changing people’s lives through quarterly lifestyle signature workshops and event keynote speaking to become “Fit for Living, Well for Life.”

You benefit from a balanced life. It’s that simple. Your life is stressful. Whether in the workplace, in your family life, juggling personal commitments or other obligations.

Sometimes it is hard to see the tress from the forest. It can be difficult to decide when to start putting your needs first and how to go about creating change in your life.

How will Shapechanger help you make changes in your life? Making the decision to attend the signature workshop " Become the Creative Designer of your life" is one way Shapechanger can help you achieve personal greatness.

Programs provided by Shapechanger have been personally sourced by Gwenda Smith to touch your heart, to energise your new personal journey, to stimulate your mind and to ultimately create a pathway for you to recognise, reconnect with and achieve your life goals.

Shapechanger signature workshops are a truly authentic experience based on living a whole and complete life with greater understanding of how your emotions create your day, your decisions and your health. HEAL principles are also used for those clients requiring this special area of consulting: Healthy Eating Activity & Lifestyle.

3. Shapechanger Soul.
“Unleash the future you.”

Holistic health, wellness and wholeness is about strengthening and energising your mind, your body and your soul. It is by working on your complete self to achieve greater results with long-term benefits.

It’s crucial to put soul wellness first and to feel confident with the belief that you are ready to battle anything that comes your way. Being fit for living, well for life is about understanding what real health and wellness is. It is about your physical, emotional, and mental self. Taking a truly holistic approach to life is incredibly effective.

Everything Shapechanger does is for you. Our professional desire is to offer you guidance and inspiration that will bring optimum balance, personal greatness, vitality, achievement of goals and wholeness to every level of your being.

Shapechanger presents Gwenda Smith - your Holistic Intervention Practitioner. Lifestyle Mentor and Educator. Key Note Speaker & Presenter. Join her signature workshop to unleash the real you!

Strive for Wholeness in life.

Gwenda Smith, Holistic Intervention Practitioner, offers you or your business an opportunity to re – set. To rethink and restart the way you connect with everyone. To re – set your old ways, habits, thoughts and behaviours.

To flirt with the notion that there is a better you, a better way of doing business, a better lifestyle you can be living not just dreaming about.

Gwenda Smith, Lifestyle Mentor & Educator of Shapechanger, is not without qualifications. Her learnings, proven methods, results and 20+ years professional experience allows her to consult to individuals and businesses.

Is it time to rethink and restart the way you connect with everyone?

Is it time to rethink and change the way you conduct your business or yourself within your workplace?

Shapechanger presents Gwenda Smith - Lifestyle Mentor & Educator. Gwenda is in the business of enriching, energising, empowering and changing lives of others.

Gwenda presents, trains and works with corporate and community groups to change and break workp

To continue shaping and changing lives.

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