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Let's Heal Your Life

It was May 2010. I was struggling to find work. I was sending up to 5 job applications each day with no success. I can't describe the sadness I felt for being not good enough for all these companies I sent my CV to.

Then one day, during the walk through Kings Park with my best friend Kamila, I was introduced to The Law of Attraction. Kamila told me about how it works and that I should look into it.


When I got home, I spent hours reading all information I could find about The Law of Attraction. I ordered a book, I watched movie....all relevant information, books, movies, the right people coming into my life.... I felt that I'm on the right path...I knew this is it....this is my mission...this is my purpose in this life time....

Once I finished reading all the information which came my way...I started to practice it.

First one - to find a job. I have told myself that I will get a new job for my birthday, which is in August. I have told myself that the interview process will be very easy & smooth and the job will find me. I stopped looking. I knew that the right person will come into my life when the time is right and will offer me the job I desperately needed.

My birthday was approaching....Everybody was asking me what I want for my birthday. I kept saying - a job. I'm going to get a job on my birthday.

I went to church on Sunday (3 days before my birthday) where I met a very nice lady. She was introduced to me by my brother. We started chatting. She was complaining how hard it is to find good workers and that the company she is working at, is constantly looking for hard working people. I have told her that I'm looking for a job myself. She said that she'll speak to her manager on Monday. On Tuesday I received a phone call from the owner asking me to come for interview. I could not attend the interview, as I had other commitments. She said not to worry, she'll call me in the evening and she'll do my interview over the phone. She called....we had a chat....10 min later she has asked me to come to the office to sign employment contract...and start work immediately. I couldn't not believe it. IT WORKED!!! I got a job on my birthday!

Since that day I've been practising and teaching my friends, family and my clients how The Law of Attraction works, explaining why they are not getting what they really want, why they are lacking love, happiness, success. I teach them how to turn their life around and how to get what they really want.

The Law of Attraction changed my LIFE! Let me help you to change YOURS!

If you have a record of repeatedly trying and failing to change your life in key ways, it is now your time to unlock your potential with Let's Heal Your Life!.

Let's Heal Your Life will:
- provide CLARITY to understand why you lack money, love, a dream job....whatever it may be
- GUIDE you through the strategies of how to turn your life around and assist you in making plans to achieve your goals
- work collaboratively together, identifying your needs and any obstacles holding you back with SUPPORT and encouragement throughout
- uncover principles of The Law of Attraction, how it works and how to use it in your life to MANIFEST and create the life you want
- DISCOVER the power of your thoughts and how they ultimately affect your life

The time for change is today!

NEW Clients receive a COMPLIMENTARY GIFT on conclusion of Initial Consultation.

Appointments/Consultations Bookings:

- email letshealyourlife@gmail.com


- text your Name & Contact Number to 0431 159 234

$100 - Initial Consultation (1 hour session)
$90 - Follow up Consultation (1 hour session)
$160 - Extended Consultation (2 hours session)

My name is Martina. I'm Holistic Life Coach & Numerologist and I can't wait to meet you!

Let's do it together......Let's Heal Your Life!

Allow the Law of Attraction to bring YOU one step closer to YOUR dreams with guidance from Let's Heal Your Life!


My name is Martina and I'm Holistic Life Coach and Numerologist.

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