Jayde Rockwell Spiritual Development

31 Newmarket Parade
Butler WA  6036

Phone: 0411488040

Jayde Rockwell Spiritual Development

Spirituality is a movement taking off globally. Discover here how to explore and develop your spiritual self, heal and form healthy self concepts to help you succeed in life. In a spiritual path, we are looking within deeply and finding ways to cultivate a purposeful life for ourselves and our place in the universe using our heart, soul and spirit.

Embarking on a spiritual path usually comes about because we are looking for something meaningful about our lives and our very existence, we want answers to those big questions like who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? We are looking within ourselves deeply. Join us here to chat about any spiritual or psychic topics you like.

Everyone’s journey and development is different to the next persons. Some connect to universal consciousness and psychic energy without the need to attach to spiritual beings such as angels or spirit guides, while others find profound illumination and healing in bonding with energetic beings and angelic experiences. Either way that you are drawn to develop your ability is irrelevant. Nobody’s way is right or wrong. Understanding that from the beginning allows you to begin your journey and exploration in a healthy way that suits you best, rather than trying to follow what others do. You will gain ideas and insight here from like minded friends coupled with professional support donated by Brigit and occasional guest speakers.

Gathering here is about sharing and experiencing all varieties of spiritual practises and topics. In this safe and loving sanctuary, please note we respect each other equally and remain judgement free at all times. Feel free to express and explore anything you like such as:

How to Connect to Psychic Energy & Spiritual Beings
How to connect to consciousness & universal energy
Facing Fear, Doubt, Self Worth
Practising performing readings & relevant troubleshooting
Exploring Energy Healing
Meditation topics
Exploring tools such as Tarot, Oracles, Crystals
Exploring the Clair Gifts
Chakras, Auras, Dream Interpretation
Exploring alternative therapies
Exploring Paranormal topics
and any other metaphysical topics you might have, please ask!

Please join us live here every Thursday (Wednesday night for USA residents) as we chat about a specific development topic with Michelle and an invited guest speaker who is an expert in their field. If you are an expert in your metaphysical field and would like to be featured, please contact Michelle, via her website at www.jayderockwellspiritualdevelopment.com.a

You will notice this feature thread pinned to the top of the wall as a permanent addition. This is a safe sanctuary where anyone who is wanting to venture into trying out doing a reading or healing of any kind can come and try and be a part of the positive community the thread has become. The thread is monitored by experienced professionals. All are welcome, simply read the house rules attached to the thread and start posting. Many novice people have started out experimenting here and gone on to become professional readers and healers. Likewise, professionals can also gather there to brush up on their skills.

This is a sister page to Michelle's main Facebook Page "Michelle McIntyre". Michelle is a well known Psychic, Reiki Master teacher, healer and spiritual development teacher who works with all realms of universal energies. She holds a Usui Reiki Master Degree, Ashati Grandmaster Degree, Psychic Development Diploma and a Diploma in Crystal Therapy, to name a few.

Michelle has dedicated her career to writing, public speaking, workshops, and mentoring on spiritual and self help topics all over Australia and globally via social media. It is her passion to help humanity by encouraging you to believe in yourself, find your purpose and be inspired to follow your own truth. She is affectionately known for being a ‘bridge’ delivering spiritual work to everyday people in a very real, down to earth and grounded fashion which enables you to embrace personal growth, think for yourself and form healthy self concepts.

As a healer and teacher, her writings and workshops include ways and ideas to use spiritual energy to help you release fear, form healthy esteem, find healing, purpose, and inspiration to follow your heart and truth.

Michelle has a series of guided meditations, online spiritual courses and products available via her Facebook page and website www.jayderockwellspiritualdevelopment.com.au. You can connect with Michelle daily here on Facebook.

Please note that all posts, comments, quotes and messages/guidance by Michelle McIntyre on this page are copyrighted. Feel free to like/share/tag any posts, with credits left in place. All other rights are reserved.

GUIDANCE DISCLAIMER: As per consumer law changes that replace the Fraudulent Mediums act 1951, please be advised that any spiritual advice, messages or healing from Michelle McIntyre is for entertainment purposes only and does not replace the qualified advice of professionals in their field (medical, legal, financial, etc.) All spiritual information and services are provided in an honest and genuine manner.

Discover here how to explore and develop your spiritual self, heal and form healthy self concepts to help you succeed in life.

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